It has been one year since insurrectionists and Republicans attempted to overturn the legitimate results of a presidential election. It is the first time a former president refused to acknowledge the loss of an election and attempted to prevent the peaceful transfer of power.

Recounts and objections in courts have failed to shown proof of voting irregularities that would have affected the outcome. Sen. Mike Rounds of South Dakota is one of the few Republicans who admits the former president lost the election.

Elected Republicans have shown their allegiance to a person rather than the Constitution. They have passed laws to enable them to ignore the results of legitimate elections.

Except for Liz and Dick Cheney, Congressional Republicans did not have the decency to pay tribute on the House floor to the police who protected them. They are putting in place laws that will allow the ruling of a minority over the majority.

Republicans claim President Biden is not promoting unity. Yet it is Republicans who offer no meaningful alternatives, just obstruction to proposed legislation. They have said they would not allow a vote on a Biden Supreme Court nominee if an opening should occur.

Our experiment with democracy is failing. In the 1770s the flame of democracy was lit by our founders. That flame is quickly being extinguished by today’s Republicans.

Stan Tetenman, Poland

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