To the Editor:

MSAD 17 has always been a respectful and compassionate community. The highest priorities for our School Board has always been reserved for the education and well-being of our students.

The Board has actively spent years fostering respect and compassion for our students who desperately need a safe environment free of violence and intimidation so they are able to thrive and learn. We also have shown this same respect and compassion to our teachers and administrators.

Through her words and actions Dr. Henson has shown herself lacking respect and compassion for our children, judging from Beth Clark’s resignation letter. If the allegations in her letter and those from the staff and families are true it was completely inappropriate for the Superintendent, after demonstrated aggressive behavior against a child, to not be held responsible for her actions.

The School Board is solely responsible for the conduct of the Superintendent. She has been accused of inappropriately manhandling a child and traumatizing others with her words and actions.

Upon learning of the incident, the Board should have immediately put the Superintendent on payed administrative leave while the Board conducted its own investigation of this incident in conjunction with the district lawyer – independent of the superintendent. 


I have always known our Board to be more protective of our students. I urge the Board to conduct a full review of the Superintendent’s conduct in her job.  The review process should include input from all administrators, teachers, staff, families of students, and the Board.

The Board also must ensure the “Superintendent Review Policy” is amended on an emergency basis, before your review, to ensure a proper comprehensive review is conducted. 

If the Board wants to retain the confidence of the school district, they must properly investigate the allegations put forth in Beth Clark’s resignation letter, as well as those of our teachers and families. The Board needs to ask itself, are we doing right by our children?

Kristin Roy

Former SAD 17 Director


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