There is a conscious force for evil in this world that is dismissed as real by many who prefer to consign all ill-doing to humanity’s own nature, away from any susceptibility to that force.

But the present aggression in Ukraine, led by a malevolence at work inside a compliant dictator who, as Scripture witnesses, “Goes about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he can devour” — to my mind belies that non-belief.

The international community has been repulsed by these destructive actions and is doing what it must to stop them.

Good on us.

Even in Russia, thousands are protesting this unprovoked destruction of its neighbor and preferring imprisonment to remaining silent — good on them.

But back to that malevolent force. It’s revealed in the lyrics of the Rolling Stones song, “Sympathy for the Devil”:


“Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste; I’ve been around for long, long years, stole many a man’s soul and faith … Pleased to meet you, hope you know my name. Just call me Lucifer, cause I’m in need of some restraint.”

This song was played at rallies during Trump’s presidential campaigns, there are tapes.

Now I can’t help but wonder how his Evangelical base reacted recently to Trump’s initial praise of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as “savvy” and, a move of “genius” — where children have been killed by Russian missiles.

“… even the Elect will be deceived,” asserts another passage from Scripture.

Though the term is mistaken, they have been.

Paul Baribault, Lewiston

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