Auburn and Lewiston are the Twin Cities.

The Lewiston City Council (in disregard of citizens’ wishes) has approved a moratorium on creating homeless shelters.

Must Auburn be an identical twin? By turning a blind eye to the homeless/needy people? Aren’t they God’s children, too?

The safety of our water supply would surely be jeopardized by allowing McMansions to be built on the shores of Lake Auburn. The citizens of Auburn are strongly opposed to this. I ask city councilors to please pay attention.

Mayor Jason Levesque’s legacy can be a positive one by doing what Lewiston has left undone. Or it could be a negative one by pandering to the wishes of the well-to-do. The goal should be to shelter and assist those in need.

It is incumbent upon those who are able to support and assist these unfortunate people.

Anne Ceplikas, Auburn

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