Coach: Shaun McKinnon (second year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results: 1-12; lost in A North quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Megan Lachance (M), Hailee Brown (G), Caroline Audette (M), Lila Davin (A), Mya Kelsea (A), Calean McGuigan (D), Nasra Mohamed (A), Morgan Mattson (A); Junior — Mackenzie Sylvester (D); Sophomore — Ari Guay (D).
Key losses: Maizy Demers, Becca Bassett, Sam Porier.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen— Izzy Hayes (M), Stella Smith (A), Nora Condit (D), Anaya Egge (D), Marina Morgan (A).
Season outlook: With new additions, coach Shaun McKinnon looks to build upon the foundation that was created last year. The seniors are expected to lead by example and mentor the freshmen. The Eddies have many newcomers who have stepped up in the preseason and look forward to competing every day.

Coaches: Emma Lafrance (third year), Melissa Bowie (second year), Mike Foster (first year)
WMC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 3-10
Returning athletes: Seniors — Cady Kluck (D), Makenna Powell (A); Juniors — Andrea Smith (A), Jennah Lynch (M), Bri Wiers (M); Sophomores — Ellie Steele (M), Ella Brown (D).
Key losses: Mackenzie Baston, Ashley Wilson.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Lexie Wallingford (M); Freshmen — Amelia Foster (M), Emma MacMahon (M).
Season outlook: As a second-year varsity team, the 26ers expect a lot of growth throughout the season. They are a young athletic team. Emma Lafrance said the 26ers have a strong midfield line that will be able to make an impact right away on both ends of the field.

Coach: Tracey Blaisdell (fourth year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results: 8-6; lost in A North semifinal.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Mya Grant (A), Ceci Miller (M), Lilly Gish (A), Rebecca Lussier (A), Kristen Lachance (M), Jocelyn Coons (D); Juniors — Julia Perkins (A), Alyssa Marcoux (D), Leah Dube (M); Sophomore — Gabby Thomas (D).
Key losses: Charlotte Gastonguay, Emma Begin, Shauna Leblanc, Brie Dube, Ariana Vallee, Adia Coulombe.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Leah Landry (M); Juniors — Caitlin D’Andrea (D), Moriah Baillargeon (A); Sophomore — Elaina Gendron (G).
Season outlook: Lewiston has been practicing with impressive effort and determination from the get-go. The offense has some new but experienced players. The Blue Devils are coming together nicely, with a solid core of players in the midfield and at the attack position. The heart of the defense returns and brings a chemistry that is yielding positive results. Blaisdell is pleased with the progress and effort from the players and expects positive results this season.

Sarah Caban (first year) and Kelli Corrigan (first year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 10-4; lost in state semifinal.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Anna Erb (M), Ella Delisle (M), Ella Schmidt (M); Juniors — Lily Caban (M), Eliza Pattershall (M), Stella Lauter (G); Sophomore — Ashley Deschamp (A).
Key losses: Anna Drillen, Natalie Whitten, Abby Ross, Gabby Green.
Promising newcomers: Juniors — Sophia Tweedie (D), Jordan Carr (D).
Season outlook: Coaches Sarah Caban and Kelli Corrigan are looking forward to working with new players and are hoping for an exciting season. Last year the Hawks reached the Class C semifinals before falling to eventual state champ Waynflete.

Coaches: Liz LeClair (second year), Kat Zachary (first year)
KVAC; Class: B
Last year’s results: 4-9
Returning athletes: Seniors — Eryn Parlin (M), Michelle Seaberg (G); Junior — Callahan Towle (D/M), Emma Dunn (D/M), Molly Kearing (D), Talia Kidder (A/M).
Key losses: Rylee Keaton, Emma White, Ella Stone, Erin Johnson,
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Elle Marshall (M), Taylor Brisard (D); Sophomore — Alyssa Butterfield (M/A); Freshman — Maya Kellett.
Season outlook: As a young program going into its second varsity year, Mt. Blue has already shown so much growth and potential. The Cougars have a significant increase in numbers this season and are looking forward to using their added depth and excitement to grab more wins on the field.

Coach: Jaimee Smith (11th year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results: 10-3; lost in A North semifinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Emily Cummings, Ashlee Farrar, Katie Hallee, Celia Melanson, Katie Toohey; Juniors — Kelsey Bennett, Mallory Kennison, Elizabeth Hallee, Lily Pierce, Ally Slicer; Sophomores — McKinley Soehren, Saige Winslow.
Key losses: Tiana James, Ella Kellogg, Molly Littlefield, Olivia Orlando, Cassidy Dumont, Gus Hall, Morgan Letourneau.
Promising newcomers: Chiara Castiglia, Carlee-Mae Cash, Delaney Stone, Zaya Vollmar, Kaya Joseph, Bella Luksza, Allegra Meagher, Isabelle Knightly, Sophia Vitale, Julia Hanson, Kaya Joseph, Ava Kennagh, Bayleigh Young, Lily Hammond, Gracie Hart, Abby Marcotte, Mataya Perkins.
Season outlook: Oxford Hills is looking to expand on its recent success while continuing to grow, learn and develop the skill sets of the individual players. The Vikings have played a lot in the offseason and are eager to show their skills and cohesion as the team moves forward. The defense looks strong. Coach Jamiee Smith emphasizes team play and unity to be successful, and the Vikings have a lot of talented players who trust their teammates, which leads to offense.

Coach: Sue Nee (first year)
Conference: WMC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 6-8
Returning athletes: Seniors — Emma Roy (M), Isabella Pelletier (A), Jessica Zimmerman (M), Julianne Cook (D); Juniors — Natalie Brocke (A), Georgiana Davidson (D); Sophomores — Emma Smith (D) Hailey Hughes (D) Natalia Russell (G).
Key losses: Autumn Clark, Taryn Cloutier, Gisele Ouellette, Alexandra Wallingford.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Sophia Norton (M); Freshmen — Gabrielle Allen (M) Anna Theriault (A)
Season outlook: The Saints have been playing together for a few years and are a strong-knit team, according to first-year coach Sue Nee. With small numbers on the bench, the Saints will need to focus on making good plays, stamina and staying healthy. Emma Roy, who has committed to play Division II Lacrosse for Dominican University of California, will be the key player this season.

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