LEWISTON — You couldn’t tell from looking in the relatively empty storefront at 108 Lisbon St., but the Obscura Cafe and Drinkery has been very busy tasting and testing menu items for its impending opening.

Chef Jules Muzyka, who is an artist as well, is putting the finishing touches on her version of chicken and waffles, but the waffle is made from cheesy garlic and herbed mashed potatoes. There will be flatbreads, like the Hot Dang! chicken, mozzarella and basil on an Alfredo sauce base with a drizzle of spicy chili-infused honey. There are paninis and homemade pickles, charcuterie offerings and desserts like the dark chocolate orange waffle.

There are plenty of menu items still under wraps, but there’s definitely a theme to Obscura. There are tarot cards, formal dining ware and a carved figurine hanging called Ophelia. Yes, the same Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. She watches over Obscura and has an eerie tale connected to her, tinged with absinthe.

If that doesn’t make you curious. I’m not sure what will. As for the big question, when will Obscura open? Soon, say the owners. Like other restaurants that are trying to open their doors, they are waiting on final inspections, licensing and the like. But it appears the opening is truly imminent.

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