It’s been a long few years for everyone. Mandates pushed people out of work, crippled our health care system, and blocked loved ones from seeing dying family members. Even worse, these decisions were made with no input from the public or our elected representatives.

That’s why, when I heard Eric Brakey was running for Maine Senate, I wanted to shout from the rooftops to all my neighbors.

Brakey is a proven champion for Maine people who defends our freedoms and paychecks. Over four years in the Maine Senate, Brakey pulled together bipartisan coalitions for welfare reform, health care freedom, and Second Amendment rights.

Through it all, he helped Mainers make their voices heard, encouraging engagement in the legislative process.

This November, I am excited to vote for Eric Brakey for Senate District 20 (Auburn, Poland, New Gloucester and Durham).

It’s time for all Maine voices to be heard. Let’s bring back Brakey.

Spring Gouette, Auburn

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