To the Editor:

It has been said that most citizens vote “with their wallet”. It’s also well known that Mainers tend to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Balancing those objectives is probably very tricky at best. How can we provide for our citizens and not spend more?

If you take one look at the Maine GOP platform this year I think it does just that. I often used to vote for socially progressive platforms but now realize how expensive that can get to be. But I am also more personally responsible now – I do not have an endless supply of funds. I pay taxes and cannot afford for them to go up.

The citizens of Maine need to take a long hard look at what our legislature has been doing over the past several years. Since Democrats have won the majority there have been more bills proposed that are asking us to spend more and more of our money at a time when most of us can least afford it.

When I have a month where I have overspent, I make sacrifices and curb or freeze extra spending. The economy of big government is proving very costly and probably ought to be reined in, at least for now.

Expanded unemployment benefits, windmills, solar farms, and electric cars are not cutting our costs of living. The Democrats have had their chance. Let’s try some Republicans this time around and see if they can stop the hemorrhaging.

Arin Quintel

Livermore Falls

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