Under the above title, we commence the publication of a weekly newspaper at Lewiston Falls, and the proprietors trust that the enterprise will receive the cordial approbation and support of the public in this section of the country. 

Notwithstanding the multitude of newspapers published in the State, every one is located more than thirty miles from Lewiston, and, consequently, the peculiar interests of this vicinity have been without an advocate abroad, and its natural advantages, (unexcelled in New England) have been but imperfectly represented, and but partially improved, while other towns, less favorably circumstanced, but blessed with a means of making known their position, have increased rapidly in wealth and population. We shall, therefore, not be unmindful that the most important place in the sphere of our duties is at home, and though we shall always write with reference to the best interests of our beloved State and Country, we shall not forget that the town gives character to the State, and, consequently, demands our most conspicuous attention. 

The want of a newspaper in this vicinity has long been felt and lamented, and it is the intention so to conduct the Journal that it may be acceptable to all parties, and a profitable visitant at every fireside. It will not come to its patrons to make known the wranglings of ambitious politicians, to approbate or condemn any Christian sect, or oppose or defend any modern systems of reform, founded by self-denominated philanthropists. 

Its columns will contain a large mass of political and miscellaneous news, selected with great care, and with particular deference to the various tastes of our readers. We shall use extraordinary exertion to obtain the latest foreign and domestic intelligence, and labor to give a valuable summary of the transactions of this and other nations. 

Its agricultural department will be made both interesting and instructive, and we shall at all times publish, with pleasure, communications from farmers, imparting or desiring information upon their important occupation. 

In many respects, the Journal will bear a literary character, and as it is here that we shall take especial pride, the pearls that are washing about in the great ocean of literature will be carefully gathered up, and the original matter that comes under this head, will not suffer in comparison to the selected articles. 

We shall not cease to make war with intemperance while we are able to strike a blow for the public good; and yet, we shall carry on the contest in our own way, by no means seeking to brand, as with an iron, our fellow-men, whose views do not coincide with ours, but anxiously hoping for the time when all shall see the horrors of the evil as with one vision. 

The internal interests of the state we deem of vital importance to its prosperity, and under all circumstances we shall keep them prominently before us, and strive for their promotion, believing that therein lie the source of successful progression. 

“O’ erweening statesmen have full long relied 

On fleets and armies, and external wealth;  

But from within proceeds a nation’s health.”  

To the several enterprises now in progress, or under contemplation, for uniting the extremes of the state, and the centre with the seaboard, we shall give our undivided support, confident that they will prove to be blessings of no ordinary value. 

In short, while we intend to make the Journal such a mirror that its readers may learn from it the great changes which are going on at a distance, and which are giving features to the times by which future will recognize them, we shall also aim to make it a cheerful companion to every condition and age, so that all who shall look upon it once, may desire a more intimate acquaintance. 

This letter to readers was published in the inaugural edition of the Lewiston Falls Journal on May 21, 1847, from editor Francis Lane.

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