In Lewiston in 2002, Mayor Larry Raymond was facing increasing financial problems within his city due to the unexpected influx of refugees. Raymond asked the Somalis to “reduce the stress on our limited finances” and stop moving to his city. Raymond was then branded as a racist.  

In Manchester, New Hampshire, in 2011, Mayor Ted Gatsas asked the State Department to please stop resettling refugees in his town. Again, similar to Raymond, he was branded a racist.

In Portland this year, the city has informed the federal immigration authorities it has “no further shelter … capacity” to house asylum seekers. 

The Sun Journal on May 22 printed an article, “Nonprofits call on state to coordinate housing and other help services” for asylum seekers.

I wonder when it will all stop.

Most cities throughout our nation have moderate tax bases and very limited affordable housing for its own population, much less for large influxes of refugees.

David Oshansky, Auburn

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