LEWISTON — Gov. James B. Longley School is beginning to reopen following a vandalism incident last week which resulted in the destruction of computers, furniture, appliances and equipment across the main floor of the school.

On Tuesday, students and staff in Lewiston’s adult education program were in the building for testing, according to Superintendent Jake Langlais. The NextSTEP side of the building has not yet been reopened.

Every unlocked classroom in Longley School was vandalized last week, from flower pots to computer stations, according to Superintendent Jake Langlais. Submitted photo

School facilities, maintenance, custodial and information technology staff have volunteered to help discard destroyed items, clean up what can be saved and itemize the damages with photos over the last week, he added.

“(The) progress has been amazing,” Langlais said. “Cleaning the spaces in general gives us a fresh look at what is next. A sincere thank you goes to our staff that take such pride in our community that they were volunteering after hours to get it done quickly. It doesn’t take away the disappointment and sense of being violated, but it feels like we can put the puzzle back together with the pieces we do have.”

School administrators are currently looking into installing motion sensor alarms in Longley, he said.

Four local children — two 12-year-olds, a 10-year-old and a 14-year-old — were each charged with burglary and aggravated criminal mischief, both felonies, and are currently in the custody of their parents, according to Lt. Derek St. Laurent of the Lewiston Police Department last week.

Langlais said the school district does not yet know what the total cost of the damages is. Last week, St. Laurent shared it was likely more than $100,000.

Following the incident, many people on social media have called on law enforcement and the school district to give the students responsible and their parents an active role in cleaning the school. Langlais shared that the district is currently exploring what may be possible.

“We are in discussion about the implications for those involved as it relates to school, community service, and helping with the next stages of clean up,” he said.

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