It seems a lot of people are continuing to give up local control of issues to the federal government.

I don’t care if the issue is abortion, racism or LBGQT, the rabble rousers push for federal control of our lives.

We were not set up to be a dictatorship but to be self-governing. We are not clones and we all have our own opinions and ways of doing things. Concentrating power in Washington waters down our rights.

Nancy Pelosi, who screamed hysterically when the demonstrators showed up at the Capitol, is spending millions on the hearings but is not doing a thing to protect SCOTUS or the clinics or any other group that has a differing opinion.

She’s supposed to be working for all citizens of this country and not just the ones who she thinks will vote for her.

The demonstrators are screaming that we are losing health care, especially well-funded Planned Parenthood. What is true is that the only thing that is changing is that in some areas women are now denied an elective, unnatural procedure.

The only person losing health care is the baby.

Patricia Bernard, Lewiston

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