AUBURN — Mayor Jason Levesque and the City Council discussed the new type of residential zoning known as T-4.2B at a second public hearing Wednesday night at Fairview Elementary School.

Levesque and Councilor Dana Staples elaborated on the new zone, which is intended to invigorate construction of new houses, mixed-use and infill development in residential areas: essentially developing a large, unused parcel of land surrounded by developed urban area.

Levesque led a brief presentation on the history of zones and how prior instances in the traditional downtown neighborhood district will inform the current effort.

“What we really wanted to do was give brief overview and engage and educate individuals on where the history of zoning is, what it’s done, why it’s stopping progress, hopefully help them understand how discriminatory zoning is,” he said.

Some attendees expressed concern and disagreement with the zoning plans, reflecting a growing sentiment behind a petition to repeal the rezoning effort, additionally suggesting a moratorium be put in place until a solution can be found.

“The people who own homes don’t want anyone, any renters, or anyone else to come into their neighborhoods. Zoning was never designed to keep neighbors from having neighbors, bottom line,” Leveque said at the close of the meeting.

The purpose of the form-based zoning code outlined in the presentation and in packets handed out at the meeting is to provide attainable living space through development patterns that are based upon the environment and surround homes where the building will be constructed.

The zoning will not go into effect until five days after its potential approval at a second meeting in August.

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