I write in reference to the ever-objectionable Cal Thomas column published July 20 (“Extreme cases and bad law“).

I cannot remember the last time I was so angered by a piece of “journalism.” In one sentence, he accuses the media of a rush to judgment regarding a 10-year-old’s ability to have an abortion in Ohio, and in the very next, admits that the law there is ambiguous, and he has no idea how it would have been applied.

He references the fact that the perpetrator is an illegal alien and argues, without any proof, that the left was reluctant to use the story because of this. He then goes on at length about Gerson Fuentes — his presence in Ohio, his relationship to the girl and her family, and whether he had a criminal record.

What in heaven’s name does any of this have to do with forcing a 10-year-old to carry her rapist’s fetus to term?

And in a final bit of condescending victim-blaming, he questions where her parents were and whether she told her mother. Unfortunately, predators find a way. They groom, they threaten, they take.

Cal Thomas knows nothing about the circumstances of this girl’s existence and shouldn’t presume to speculate about it. That’s not news, it’s just dirt from someone with a negative opinion of a situation he knows nothing about.

Please stop running this pseudo-Christian hatemonger’s columns. He does not serve the Sun Journal well.

Leigh St Pierre-Tribuno, Auburn

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