Gov. Janet Mills is offering free dental care to low-income recipients who qualify.

Having a surplus in Maine doesn’t make it right to leave the chicken coop unattended while the fox is at large.

Disabled people deserve a helping hand. For the others bleeding the system and relying on taxpayers for handouts, shame on you.

Our government is blessed to have a middle class. We’re too rich to get help as the low income do, but are too poor to act like royalty.

Which brings me to Robin Hood, considered to be an outlaw. He would take from “noble royalty” so that he could help the poor, considered to be a “do-gooder.”

Our government is similar to Robin Hood, relying on the middle class helping the poor. Handouts and welfare benefits come from the taxpayers, not the lawmakers.


A good remedy to uplift the poor would be teaching personal responsibility, a far cry from sugar-coated handouts to get their votes, especially during an election year.

Our government is only promoting laziness for lower income recipients. If only we could go back in time at the end of the World War II. Hard-working, respectful citizens making good quality products.

Which reminds me, I have two pairs of wingtip shoes going back to the ’70s, only half worn. U.S.A.-made, not made in China.

Joe Voisine, North Monmouth

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