I write in rebuttal to Mr. Joe Voisine (“Government takes from middle class to help poor,” Aug. 2).

First I must say the only fox these hens need to worry about is one former Gov. Paul LePage, who gave back $300 million meant for Maine health care.

After World War II the American people, at least the great majority, fell in love with Social Security, Medicare, etc. — things that showed the government could and would react to people’s needs. 

Politics and their ideologies must value people over ideas to actually serve their constituents.

Also wingtips are not originally from the U.S., and the best come from Italy.

The middle class tax burden is getting heavy? Joe Biden will give the wealthy a bigger share of the burden.

Not fair, some say? Who profits more than the rich from a system they hate to support?

Rudolph Ziehm, Sabattus

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