Mr. Roland Rancourt Jr. (“Auburn Water District wants facts? Here are some, Aug. 9) could benefit knowing that since 2004 my once 18-acre, now 16-acre, property on the North Auburn Road (not the West Auburn Road) is occupied by a two-family home where I raised my family.

It is where I still live, also offering affordable housing to my parents and recreational access to the neighborhood by easement. We purchased the land for $58,000 after the Auburn Water District superintendent offered $15,800. At the time, the AWD/Lewiston-Auburn Water Protection Commission was using the city septic ordinance to devalue lands and this “land grab scheme” continued for decades until scientists went on record to explain the septic ordinance was “crazy” for treating waste water effluent.

Now, today, Maine’s district attorneys have investigated this practice and have many concerns. Thankfully, the city grants tax value adjustments for unbuildable land, and much work has gone into developing fair and transparent ordinances for moving forward with maximum environmental consideration.

Do I have anything to benefit from living in the watershed?

I absolutely love the neighborhood and the trails that once were threatened to be closed by the former water authorities. Love the Community Center and everything good it has done, and especially love the end to the “stealing” from families that have historically been living here.

And people wonder why I so involved?

Dan Bilodeau, Auburn

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