I always read Rich Lowry’s opinion columns. I rarely agree with him. Prizing an open, informed mind, I digest his words, process and move forward into my day without responding. But these are not normal times. When our democracy is as precariously tipped as I’ve experienced in my 64 years, I can’t let Lowry’s denialism go unchecked. In his Aug. 9 column he touts the advantages of the former president’s potential 2024 run.Nowhere does Lowry mention the candidate’s most distinguishing qualifications. No other U.S. president has been twice impeached, including votes in favor from his own party. None has refused to acknowledge defeat. None has orchestrated a multi-pronged effort to cease the transfer of power in an effort to undo the results of a free, fair and much adjudicated (60 of 61 failed court cases) election. Only one president has systematically undermined every foundational democratic institution and knowingly, continuously pushed “stolen election” lies upon a gullible, grift-supporting base.Try as he may, Lowry cannot wish all of that away. This week a federal judge was convinced probable cause of a crime necessitated approving a search warrant of the former president’s Florida club. If Lowry believes in the Rule of Law, that truth matters and that presidential candidates of all parties should support democracy, he should find a more worthy frontrunner.

Peter Lasagna, Auburn

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