DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Trinity Jubilee Center is expanding our Soup Kitchen to deliver lunches to senior citizens in need who are unable to get to our facility. We are doing this in partnership with DoorDash’s Project DASH. There are a few guidelines: We’re only providing meals to people ages 60 and older and we’re prioritizing serving people who aren’t already receiving meals through Meals on Wheels.

DoorDash is able to deliver within 10 miles of our facility. That includes almost all of Lewiston-Auburn and some parts of the surrounding towns. If you live outside of Lewiston-Auburn, DoorDash can tell us whether they can deliver to you. We are starting with a dozen people and will keep a waiting list for when spots open or we’re able to increase the number of lunches provided. If you are interested in receiving lunches, please sign up at — Erin, no town

ANSWER: This is wonderful! If you want to learn more about Project DASH, go to this website:

There are a few different ways DoorDash is able to work with restaurants, grocery stores, and food pantries/banks to get food to those in need.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I know it’s mid-August but I am planning for the cold winter. I have been trying to find three cords of seasoned firewood but have been unsuccessful so far. Do you have any wood vendors in your Rolodex? — Janine, Auburn

ANSWER: It’s never too early to get that firewood ordered and stacked. Did you know it’s best to order in the spring for the following heating season?


I know that once you have it, it will give you great peace of mind to have it ready and available. In the Rolodex, I have Reed’s Firewood in Durham, who I have personally used in the past. There is an order form on their website at or you can call them at 353-4043.

I also have Jac’s Firewood in Turner ( There’s an order form on the web site or you can call 207-224-8189 or email [email protected].

Kimball Logging & Firewood in Poland is another choice Call them at 998-5721 or email [email protected].

Forest Commodities Inc. is another company specializing in just about everything to do with the forest industry ( They are in South Paris and have a form on their website or call 743-8400.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am looking for someone who could do carpentry repairs to an old house. — Alice, Lewiston

ANSWER: Once you find a good carpenter, never let them go. That’s my motto! In the Rolodex, I have Campbell’s Custom Carpentry ( or call 402-7888; Hart & Sons Home Improvement (397-0772); East Coast Home Improvement & Repairs (312-9421); KBs Handyman Services ( , 713-1077); Building Maintenance Plus (, 689-4799). They also have an online chat to talk about your projects; PRH Contractors (, 241-7901.) There’s also an online form; Right Hand Man (, 387-0709).

I hope you find the perfect person. Readers, please let me know if you have a carpenter to recommend or if you provide these services, I’ll get you into the Rolodex.

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