LEWISTON — Roughly a dozen shots were fired in the area of Howe Street late Thursday night. Police were continuing to investigate Friday and said it appeared no one had been struck by gunfire.

Lewiston police investigate reported gunfire late Thursday night on Howe Street. Ernie Edwards photo

Around 10:40 p.m. Thursday, police officers fueling their cruisers at the Public Works station on Adams Avenue heard gunshots coming from the woods behind the former Longley School, according to Lewiston police Lt. Derrick St. Laurent.

As the officers began canvassing the area, more shots were heard in the area of Howe Street, St. Laurent said. Several downtown residents called to report the gunfire as well, police said.

One man who lives in the area said he heard as many as 12 shots.

Police searched the area and found several spent shell casings, St. Laurent said. They found no one with injuries related to the gunfire and no damage was seen on nearby buildings. It was believed that the shots had been fired into the air.

No disturbances were reported in the neighborhood prior to the shots, St. Laurent said. Police were reviewing video from the area as they continued searching for a suspect.

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