LIVERMORE FALLS — Selectmen will hold a public hearing Tuesday on four proposed or revised ordinances that address medical marijuana establishments, mobile food vendors, solar energy systems and special amusement.

The meeting is at 6:30 p.m. at the Town Office.

A change to the Livermore Falls Medical Marijuana Establishment Licensing Ordinance, approved by a vote of 482-257 in November, caps the number of general public licenses that can be issued. The existing ordinance has no limit. The change caps the total at three licenses in the village and three outside the village.

There are five retail stores, four on Main Street and one on Baldwin Street, in the village area. A site review application for a fifth retail store is tabled for a traffic study on Pleasant Street. There are also two licensed marijuana grow operations, one of which is operating at this time.

Those operations in the system would be grandfathered, but if one went out of business, a permit for a new public establishment would not be issued.

Under the Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance, every mobile food vendor would be required to get a permit from the town to conduct business. The cost is $200 and the permits would expire annually on Dec. 31.


The ordinance would govern mobile food trucks, or self-contained motorized units selling items defined as “edible goods,” which includes prepackaged food and prepared food. It would also govern concession trailers, or vending units pulled by a vehicle and with no power to move on their own.

The Solar Energy System Ordinance would establish a municipal review procedure and performance standards for solar energy systems, including those typically characterized as solar farms.

The ordinance would establish clear guidelines, standards and time frames; permit the town to “fairly and responsibly protect public health, safety and welfare;” minimize potential adverse effect of solar development on surrounding land use; and provide for decommissioning/removal of panels and associated utility structures.

The Special Amusement Ordinance on sound amplification permits has been expanded.

The current ordinance lays out guidelines for the issuance of special amusement permits pertaining to music, dancing, or entertainment at public facilities within the boundaries of the town.

The proposed addition would stipulate that “no person shall use or maintain any outside sound amplifying equipment except under a specific permit from the code enforcement officer or their designee.”


These permits are subject to a number of conditions:

• A daytime permit is required for outside sound amplifying equipment used between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. An extended hours permit is required for use outside the hours specified in the subsection and may be issued only if the equipment is being used as a part of a special amusement permit, approved by selectmen, or if it is being used on a publicly owned and controlled property in the village area.

• “Amplifications shall be limited to 12 hours in any one day; 24 hours in any seven-day period, and 36 hours in any 28 day period for the same property. The code enforcement officer, or their designee, may permit amplified sound in excesses of these limitations, if, and only if, the outside amplified sound equipment is being used on publicly owned and controlled property in the Village District.”

The ordinance also outlines sound requirement restrictions measured in decibels and distance from other property.

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