LEWISTON — Emmie Streams wasn’t happy with her scoring performance on opening day, but she more than made up for it on Tuesday night by turning in a hat trick for Bangor.

The Rams’ patience and passing and Streams’ scoring steered the Rams to a 12-0 victory over Lewiston (0-2) in a Class A North girls soccer contest.

“The last game was kind of rough for me,” the senior forward said. “I knew that I wanted to come out hard. My team played very well. We passed the ball very well and we were looking for everyone. So it wasn’t just me; it was the entire team.”

The feeling-out period between the teams lasted less than three minutes in the first half, coming to an end when Streams blasted in Bangor’s first goal. The Rams continued applying that pressure for the rest of the game.

Defenseman Ashley Schultz followed Streams’ goal with one of her own, handing Bangor a 2-0 lead. The tenacious Rams (2-0) used their impressive passing skills to put two more goals in the net.

Senior Samantha Erb placed a sweet shot past Lewiston goalie Dayla Tripp. Junior midfielder Olivia Scott knocked in her goal four minutes later as Bangor made itself comfortable with a 4-0 cushion.


Streams collected her second goal with 8:36 left and junior forward Olivia Swartz topped off Bangor’s 6-0 lead going into halftime.

“We work on playing consistently together as a team and as a group,” Bangor coach Andrew Varisco said. “We’re really balanced. There are nights that (Streams) steps up and scores well. It really is a balanced attack that we really try not to let it come from person.”

The Blue Devils never got close enough to the Bangor net in the first half.

“Our numbers (of players) are lower than they have ever been,” Lewiston coach Jeff Akerley said. “Not only are our numbers low than they’ve ever been, this is probably one of youngest teams — certainly one of the most inexperienced teams as far as soccer goes. 

“We have a lot of challenges. We are working hard in practice as much as we can. We are just behind other programs right now. Part of that, too, is we lost a lot of girls over the last three years.” 

The Rams went on another tear in the second half, scoring six more goals as clock was set for running time due to Bangor’s six-goal advantage.

Taylor King started off the second half with her goal. Streams completed her hat trick with her third goal and junior forward Lily Chandler kicked in a goal. 

Senior Hannah Osmer and Maddie Tritt each dropped in a goal and Erb added another to round out the scoring.

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