I hope voters will support Ed Rabasco for district attorney for Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford counties.

I have known Ed for more than 30 years and can attest to his fine character and integrity. Ed has good insight regarding criminal justice.

Tax dollars are often wasted on questionable policies. Taxes are meant to be spent wisely to protect the public. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent housing people in jail, and our jails are full.

Many people who are charged with minor crimes are poor, and can’t post small amounts of bail. Conversely, some people who are charged with more serious crimes, and can post cash bail, can get out.

This world is upside down. Taxpayer money is being flushed down the toilet.

People who don’t mind paying higher taxes shouldn’t vote for Ed. Otherwise, I hope they vote Ed Rabasco for district attorney.

Mary Sylvain-Leonas, Greene


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