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Party affiliation:


Social media accounts:

General manager

University of Southern Maine, Business Management, Leadership and Organizational Studies, Bachelor of Science degree

Community Organizations:
Wales selectman and moderator; Pleasant Hill Cemetery Association treasurer; Androscoggin County commissioner, 2008-2016

Personal information (hobbies, etc.):
Farming, fishing, hunting, shooting and snowmobiling

Family status:
Single dad raising three children

Years in the Legislature:

127th, 130th (four years)

Committee assignments (if elected):
State and Local Government


Define what “success” would look like if you are elected to serve your district.
A good definition of “success” is the favorable or desired outcome or achievement of one’s goal. Two years ago I was committed to work to reopen our state, our schools and our businesses. Although it took longer than it should have, I am glad we are finally “more open” than we were two years ago. I’ll continue to work with my constituents to ensure our government is responsive to the needs of its citizens and not those of special interests. I am committed to common sense solutions and will continue to advance limited government, free enterprise, personal responsibility and individual liberty, all while taking special care of our most vulnerable, our seniors, and our children.

This next session will be especially challenging with the high cost of gasoline, heating oil, diesel, electricity and even our food. These high energy costs are driving inflation to record highs and the Legislature must prioritize solutions to bring down both costs and inflation to protect Maine’s middle class and those on fixed incomes. We must put aside the partisan posturing and focus on helping the people of Maine during unprecedented times. I will continue working to find solutions and put my neighbors in Litchfield, Monmouth and Wales first.

Characterize your view on public access to governmental business.
A fundamental core of our government is open transparency. With so many competing sources of information and spin, it is more important than ever to allow the public to directly witness its government without the biased lens of interpretation. Open democracy is worth participating in, as a public servant, openness is our responsibility.

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