Nora, left, and Landon Therriault, 4-year-old twins from Auburn, are introduced to Mojo before they join trainer Mike Piazza in throwing frisbees during the Flying High Dog Show at the Oxford County Fair last Thursday.

OXFORD — Fair-goers had new choices for entertainment at this year’s Oxford Fair, which took place from Sept. 14-17 at the Oxford Fair Grounds. Among them was the Flying High Dog Show, presented by Mike Piazza and his team of border collies, Mojo, Chaos and Oreo from Nahant, Massachusetts.

Mojo, left, Oreo and Chaos hone in on a frisbee tossed by their trainer Mike Piazza during a Flying High Dog Show performance at the Oxford County Fair last week. Nicole Carter / Advertiser Democrat

The interactive show was presented six times on Wednesday and Thursday. Piazza recruited kids and adults to participate, throwing frisbees against a stiff wind for the dogs to chase down and snatch out of the air.

Border Collie Mojo snatches a frisbee out of the air during a performance at the Oxford County Fair.

“Border collies are the most intelligent of dogs,” Piazza told spectators as he introduced pack at the start of Thursday’s initial show. “They learn tricks very, very quickly. They are athletic, and their long nose makes it easier for them to catch the frisbee.”

Piazza has been training and performing with his dogs in canine frisbee for the last 14 years. Chaos’ specialty is speed and Mojo is known for acrobatic leaps in the air. Oreo, still in training, has yet to reveal what her dominant performance talent will be.

Even a down-draft wind can’t dampen a border collie’s enthusiasm to conquer a frisbee. Here, Landon Therriault (left) of Auburn watches as his twin sister Nora attempts a frisbee throw for Mojo the dog. Also pictured, Mojo’s trainer Mike Piazza of Nahant, Massachusetts. Nicole Carter / Advertiser Democrat

About 15 volunteers stepped forward from the crowd of spectators to put the dogs through their paces with frisbee throws. Gusts of wind made it hard for throwers to get lift and distance, and for the dogs to position themselves to make their catches but they chased down every target possible.

Debbie Withee of Waterford is the assistant curator at the Oxford County Fair’s museum. Nicole Carter / Advertiser Democrat

Pat Roy (left) and Chief Mark Blaquiere serve lunch at the Paris Fire Department food shack during the Oxford County Fair last week. Nicole Carter / Advertiser Democrat

Michaela Brown won best all round with her entry during the 4-H Heavyweight Steer Exhibition at the Oxford County Fair. Nicole Carter / Advertiser Democrat

The naptime version of a pig pile at the Oxford Fair, which took place Sept. 14-17 at the Oxford Fairgrounds. Nicole Carter / Advertiser Democrat

Goat kids, getting their second wind at the Oxford County Fair. Nicole Carter / Advertiser Democrat

Three-year-old farmhand Kelly Ouellette of New Vineyard urges her pony Flicka to step aside so she can finish cleaning the pen. Flicka was part of the barnyard friends exhibit at the Oxford Fair last week. Kelly was helping her mother Amy stay on top of manure duties. Nicole Carter / Advertiser Democrat

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