We are fortunate in Maine to have someone of Bettyann Sheats’ caliber running to serve in the state Senate.

I have known Bettyann for more than a decade, and I admire her work ethic, her “can do” attitude and her optimism. She’s not driven by an “agenda” or a particular ideology, but rather by the desire to serve the people of her district. Just a glance at her Facebook page will show people how important community is to her.

As a veteran, she’s sensitive to the unique needs of veterans, and as a small business owner, she understands the challenges owners face every day.

And Bettyann is a Clean Elections candidate, which means her monies come from small donations made by supporters, not outside groups promoting their own agenda. She answers to no one other than her constituents. Her opponent is not a Clean Elections candidate.

Mary Ann Larson, Cumberland

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