Some have lived long enough to realize almost everything changes.

This is especially true regarding human endeavor. Unlike math or physics, society and institutions evolve. Labels and concepts get redefined.

Does anyone agree on what conservative, liberal, libertarian or progressive mean? Textbook communism means collective ownership with shared effort and reward, yet so-called communist regimes existing today are generally authoritarian dictatorships. Is the U.S. a democracy, or a constitutional republic?

With terminology failing us, deciding who to support at election time requires looking for “birds of a feather.” Since announcing his run in House District 81, Daniel Sipe has garnered endorsements from Sierra Club Maine, Maine Education Association, two employee unions, Maine Conservation Voters, and other groups focused on people and the environment.

His opponent gets high marks from the National Rifle Association and Christian Civic League of Maine.

“You are known by the company you keep” … so said everyone’s mother.

Richard McSherry, Norway

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