To the Editor:

Dan Sipe represents the concerns and vision of the people in District 81. He’s already knocked on 1,400+ doors to hear what his constituents care about. We face multiple crises, in housing, climate, energy, and substance use. Dan Sipe supports the common-sense responses to these crises and represents my views on reproductive rights, climate response, supporting neighbors struggling with substances, Tribal sovereignty, and ensuring essentials like housing are more available so that Mainers can thrive.

I appreciate that our current representative is experienced and tries to work across the aisle with integrity and supported LD 1639, and LD 906– but his voting record confirms he’s out of touch with the needs of the present. I know that Dan Sipe is invested in his community because his actions show it, and I’m excited to vote him in as State House Representative of District 81 in November.

Thea Hart

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