I’ve known Eric Brakey since he was a young man, working on the Ron Paul presidential campaign a decade ago.

Even then he was an excellent leader who listened and collaborated with everyone to achieve results.

During his two terms in the Maine Senate, I was proud to know someone was representing me to defend our freedoms and paychecks from the special interests. Brakey delivered many unexpected successes in a time of divided government, reforming welfare, expanding health care freedom and restoring our right to self-defense.

As he runs for a third term, I am glad to know former Sen. Brakey supports putting term limits on federal officials. We need leaders at the state level, like Eric, to lead the charge in holding Washington, D.C., accountable.

For Poland, Durham, New Gloucester and Auburn, I’m voting for Eric Brakey for Maine state Senate.

Trudy Jacqmin, Poland



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