Here’s an overview of the 2nd District congressional candidates’ positions on four key issues.

Independent Tiffany Bond and Democrat Jared Golden said they want women to have the right to choose whether to have an abortion. Poliquin said he is “pro-life and very proud of it.”

Though Poliquin said it should be up to each state to decide on its own abortion laws, he voted in 2017 for a bill that would have made most abortions illegal nationally if a fetus is older than 20 weeks.

All three candidates bemoan the soaring cost of living, especially fuel prices.

Poliquin said the solution to rising prices is “stop this crazy, wasteful spending of trillions of dollars.”

Golden said he’s voted against excessive spending that others in his party supported, while Bond urges more targeted federal spending to promote economic growth.


Inflation is a worldwide problem, spurred in part by the war in Ukraine and pandemic control measures in China.

Both Poliquin and Golden expressed support for a limit on the number of terms a member of the U.S. House can serve.

Bond said doing so would give wealthy people and lobbyists more power because they alone would have long experience on how to get things done on Capitol Hill.

All three candidates have expressed support for arming Ukraine in its quest to fend off Russia’s invasion.

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