It just seems to me that the political advertising from this cycle should have had laws applied to it. The blatant and unadulterated lying and innuendo needs to be curbed. Period.

How can voters even begin to sift through all the garbage that has been put out to us; it only attacks our intelligence. To make an educated decision about whom one wants in the particular office is being presented in the snake oil salesman manner, and that is offensive to me, and I suspect to many people also.

Honesty certainly has taken a hit, and we all know who started that in earnest. The criminals are no longer at the door; they’re in the house. The situation in Israel makes my case.

People of the world, not only the United States, have lost their common sense. Too many candidates seem to have no problem saying whatever they want, without merit, against one another, hoping to sway the electorate their way. It’s just so dishonest and unfair to us as citizens.

We deserve much, much better.

Marc A. J. Jalbert, Lewiston

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