I have become resigned to the fact that team owners and executives are only loyal to the pocketbook, but they better produce a result in that effort.

Chaim Bloom has not done that with the Red Sox. He took a pennant winning team to a last place team in short order. He made lousy personnel decisions, i.e. Hunter Renfroe, Kyle Schwarber, Mookie Betts and others. He disassembled a great team.

I predict he will also lose Xander Bogaerts, using his past history as prologue.

I could have cried when I saw Christian Vasquez’ face when he realized he was going home with the Houston Astros when they played their last game with the Red Sox. The management didn’t even have the decency to prepare him for that trade.

That treatment was not lost on the other players.

Marilyn Burgess, Leeds

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