I never expected to see the day when columnist Cal Thomas would disavow former president Donald Trump, as he did in a recent piece titled, “Toxic Trump must leave the stage” (Nov. 16), in which he rightly scorned the man’s intention of seeking another term.

Thomas had habitually stated that, admittedly, Trump has his character flaws, but … . Now, however, all buts have been trashed, and not a moment too soon.

“A false political savior,” he now calls him. (Hillary Clinton pointedly refers to him as a “political arsonist.”) A “narcissist” and “a petulant child” deprived of his toys, he went on to say.

But the jumbo cherry on Trump’s cake is that he’s an irremediable liar, a fault Thomas didn’t even allude to. All manner of lies he’s told: petty, needless ones, like claiming his father was from Germany, and big ones, like insisting the election was stolen from him. That fault, all by itself, makes him unworthy of the presidential office, in my view.

Nevertheless, his supporters still treasure his words as Gospel. They’d sooner slit their throats than desert him.

I’m reminded especially of wannabe Christian prophets during the buildup to the 2020 election and their cockamamie claims of having been told by God that Trump would win again. People like televangelists Paula White and Kenneth Copeland — the guy who, looking perfectly demonic, attempted to rid America of COVID-19 in an instant in the name of his God.

Seems he barked up the wrong deity.

William LaRochelle, Lewiston

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