I wish to thank the Sun Journal for posting the article regarding the book vote that occurred at the Nov. 10 RSU 73 School Board meeting (“Gender Queer, White Fragility to remain in high school library“).

I was one of the people who filed a complaint against having the book “Gender Queer” available for students at Spruce Mountain High School. I appreciate that your newspaper decided it was a big enough story to make the front page of the Livermore Falls Advertiser.

My hope is that more people will now become aware that yes, in fact, there is a book available for students at the high school that I think is blatantly pornographic. I never thought sex education belonged in the hands of the school system from the very beginning, when it started in the 1960s. To see now where this has gone is both shocking and upsetting.

I know teenagers are interested in sex. Of course they discuss it and want to experiment. I know the world has changed. But shouldn’t it be the role of public education to steer them into pursuits and interests that will help them to prosper and thrive in the world?

The world is a tough place, and we all need to earn a living. How does promoting sexual content and gender ideology in our schools help our students make a living and learn to become responsible adults?

It’s my opinion that these types of distractions from work and study pursuits do not belong in our schools.

Arin Quintel, Livermore Falls

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