Jody Jalbert

Dear Readers:

I think I may know a few things about you. You are intelligent, engaged, perceptive, insightful and curious. How do I know this? Those are the characteristics of our newspaper readers.  

I would venture to say you are also a considerate and thoughtful gift giver.  

As we begin the holiday season, I want to remind you of the many reasons you read the Sun Journal and encourage you to share your affection for local journalism with your loved ones. Your support through your subscription funds the news and stories that inform, challenge and reflect the communities in which we live.  

Your investment in our journalism is an investment in your community and supports the work of our reporters and photographers to ensure your community leaders, elected officials and the powerful are held accountable. 

Who is on your list this year?  


Do you have a college student or family member who moved away? Keep them connected with a digital subscription. Aging parents? Help them stay up-to-date with the goings on in the community and the challenge of the daily crossword or Sudoku puzzle. A busy sports family?  Give them the gift of high school sports coverage and photos from the sidelines. Or a friend who understands a strong local, newspaper is crucial to a healthy, vibrant community. 

Your last subscription supported another year of vital journalism. 

For instance, Staff Writer Emily Bader took a hard look at the growing violence in health care settings, especially in hospitals where workers say they experience assault and threats of violence every day. These workers are your friends and neighbors. 

Staff Writer Andrew Rice wrote dozens of stories over the past year about the potential for development in the Lake Auburn watershed, and what that might mean for Lewiston and Auburn – and the environment.  

Staff Writer Christopher Williams covered the cold case of an Alaskan student who was murdered in 1983, and the DNA science that brought prosecutors’ attention to Auburn native Steven Downs, who was tried and convicted for rape and murder early this year. Covering that trial — which was held in Alaska — became an intense First Amendment fight for access to trial proceedings, as the Sun Journal forced the court to livestream full audio and video from the courtroom after it locked its doors to the press and the public. 

And, for those of you who missed the Great Falls Balloon Festival, Sun Journal staff livestreamed every single launch and made sure you saw the balloons lifting off into beautiful summer skies. The last festival was held in 2019, skipping two years because of COVID, so this year’s celebration was truly an “uplifting” one that we were happy to share with you. 


Over the next few weeks, you will be reminded of the many reasons why the gift of the Sun Journal is truly a gift that keeps on giving. It is also a wonderful last-minute gift because you can purchase it right up until the first present is opened. Visit for 12 stories we are most proud of that inspire giving. 

 You know the essential role we play in holding people to account and shining a light on issues important to Maine. The work we do in our newsroom enhances community life. Won’t you share the knowledge and help us continue our work with a gift subscription?

We are very grateful for your continued support of local journalism and want to take the stress out of holiday gifting by making the gift of information and insight available for you to give. You can purchase a gift subscription by visiting, emailing or by calling 207.689.0911. 


Jody Jalbert is publisher of the Sun Journal.

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