I have an idea about how we could really help the homeless, which I realize any one of us could be at any time.

I feel that the whole of Androscoggin County, the governor, city officials, and churches of every denominations should all be willing to contribute together to build a large shelter to care for all possible people in need.

I would favor a permanent shelter out in the country, within our county, with enough land for community gardens to create work for the homeless to help the shelter and provide worthwhile activity for people there.

A van could be provided to pick up guests wherever they are and also bring them to appointments.

If we are smart enough to send people to the moon we should be able enough to create this. All that is needed is the willingness to do the loving thing for our fellow men. A building like the Lewiston Armory could be used until then.

It’s cold outside. I wouldn’t want to be there; would others?

Lou Giard, Turner

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