In the recent PBS documentary “The U.S. and the Holocaust,” all of us are complicit in the tragic aftermath of World War II. If history teaches us anything, then the turning away from the suffering in Ukraine is proof that a blind eye does not excuse us from our obligation to humanity.

Truly, the line-in-the-sand has been crossed, so business as usual just does not hold water.

Russia must be systematically ostracized from the human community. Any nation that supports Russia’s barbaric treatment of hapless human beings must be treated as a hostile enemy of humanity, and no better than Russia.

This bright blue ball we all like to call home is begging us to be engaged at this moment in human history. If not for ourselves and our children’s children’s children, but for ourselves and the comfort that comes from prayers answered, and most assuredly expected, in this time of suffering like this world has scarcely experienced.

Michael Boom, Lisbon

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