Name, School, Grade, Position
Player of the Year: Mohamed Adow, Edward Little, Senior, Forward
Patrick Strout, Monmouth, Senior, Forward
Campbell Cassidy, Edward Little, Senior, Forward
Morgan Thibault, Mt. Abram, Senior, Midfielder
Shafi Ibrahim, Lewiston, Senior, Midfielder
Kaden Pillsbury, Mt. Abram, Senior, Midfielder
Payton Mitchell, Mt. Abram, Junior, Defense
Tudum Monday, Edward Little, Senior, Defense
Jacinto Mavinga, Lewiston, Junior, Defense
Payton Mitchell, Mt. Abram, Senior, Defense
Eli St. Laurent, Edward Little, Junior, Goalie

Name, School, Grade, Position
Ethan Vatasso, Oak Hill, Senior, Forward
Iker Penniman, Winthrop, Senior, Forward
Danny Levesque, Lisbon, Senior, Forward
David Abdi, Lewiston, Senior Midfielder
Jonny Kiehl, St. Dom’s, Sophomore, Midfielder
Lucas Towers, Spruce Mountain/Dirigo, Senior, Midfielder
Levi Bogar, Mt. Blue, Junior, Defense,
Tucker Plouffe, Mt. Abram, Senior, Defense
Jakob Barrows, Winthrop, Senior, Defense
Matt Marquis, Monmouth, Senior, Defense
Hunter Frost, Monmouth, Senior, Goalie

Honorable Mention
Justin Lucas, Buckfield, junior, forward; Charlie Pye, Mt. Abram, senior, forward; Nick Powell, Lisbon, senior, forward; Hamze Nur, Lewiston, senior, midfielder; Tyler Shumway, Winthrop, senior, midfielder; Drew Hatala, Oak Hill, sophomore, midfielder; Timothee Ouellette, St. Dom’s, junior, defense; Ethan Lamont, Oak Hill, defense, sophomore; Kolby Brown, Oxford Hills, senior, defense; Bryce Poulin, Lisbon, senior, defense; Levi Tibbetts, Lisbon, senior, goalie.

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