Name, School, Class, Position
Player of the Year: KK Daggett, Mt. Blue, Senior, Forward
Elsa Goebel-Bain, Monmouth/Winthrop, Senior, Forward
Ashley Richardson, Oxford Hills, Senior, Forward
Elizabeth Hallee, Oxford Hills, Senior, Forward
Alexandra Dening, Leavitt, Senior, Midfielder/Forward
Madelaine Miller, Oxford Hills, Junior, Midfielder/Forward
Meren Zeliger, Mt. Blue, Senior, Midfielder
Charlotte Mitchell, Mt. Abram, Senior, Midfielder
Gianna DeVivo, Oxford Hills, Sophomore, Defender/Midfielder
Lexi Kelsea, Edward Little, Sophomore, Defender
Caitlin Burke, Mt. Blue, Senior, Goalie

Name, School, Class, Position
Emma Dunn, Mt. Blue, Senior, Forward
Elisa Mezzoli, Mt. Blue, Senior, Forward
Jalee Boucher, Leavitt, Senior, Midfielder/Forward
Brittany Carrier, Buckfield, Sophomore, Midfielder/Forward
Callahan Towle, Mt. Blue, Sophomore, Midfielder
Jaden Boulanger, Mountain Valley, Junior, Midfielder
Kerstin Paradis, Monmouth/Winthrop, Senior, Midfielder
Ali Portas, Gray-New Gloucester, Junior, Defender
Madison Turcotte, Buckfield, Senior, Defender
Olivia Roderick, Mt. Abram, Senior, Defender
June Foyt, Monmouth/Winthrop, Junior, Goalie

Emily Bilodeau, Lewiston, senior; Natalie Brocke, St. Dom’s, Senior, Forward; Emma Clukey, Mountain Valley, Senior, Midfielder; Vivian Cormier, Mt. Blue, Senior, Forward; Madeline Herrick, Oxford Hills, Sophomore, Goalie; Izzy Jalbert, Edward Little, Junior, Goalie; Lilly Nadeau, Oak Hill, Senior, Forward; Ashleen Perkins, Gray-New Gloucester, Senior, Forward; Kylee Spugnardi, Leavitt, Junior, Forward; Abby St. Clair, Spruce Mountain/Dirigo, Freshman, Midfielder; Kai Trenoweth, Buckfield, Sophomore, Midfielder; Kira Welch, Leavitt, Senior, Goalie.

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