LIVERMORE — At the Selectpersons meeting Tuesday evening, Nov. 22, Fire Chief Donald Castonguay and his department were thanked for their recent response to a medical emergency call.

“I want to thank the fire department and first responders,” Russell Perry said. “I had a little event. It was comforting to know the community members were there to help. I understand they do a lot of work, there is a lot to it. I really appreciate it.”

Kobi Perry, his wife was at work when Russell thought he was having a heart attack and called 911.

“As I sped from work in East Wilton, I fervently prayed that someone would get there soon and I would not have a dead husband waiting for me,” Kobi said. “What a relief it was to see the driveway full of trucks and dash through the door to see you all attending to Russell. Although I am CPR/first aid certified, I am sure I could not have remembered it and it was so reassuring that you were there to save Russell’s life.

“Your calm demeanor, your expertise and your kindness is greatly and truly appreciated,” she continued. “I am thankful that Russell is now healthy and did not have a heart attack. I am deeply thankful for humans like you who leave their families, work and free time to support our community members in their most vulnerable moments.”

Selectperson and firefighter Scott Richmond said he was in Farmington when the call came in. “I am glad it wasn’t a heart attack,” he said. “I saw the address on my phone, I knew where it was.”


It was just inflammation, Russell said.

“We do what we do,” Castonguay said. “I have been doing it for over 40 years. Sometimes at 2 o’clock in the morning I don’t want to get up but I do.”

In other business, Castonguay told Selectpersons the final approval and papers for the new firetruck were being signed the next day.

In April voters approved buying a firetruck and financing up to $382,373 for it. In January Castonguay told Selectpersons a new firetruck was needed sooner than expected as Engine 1 had ongoing electrical issues and was unreliable.

Voters approved $100,000 at town meeting last year, the second installment of a three-year plan towards purchase of a new truck. They approved the final installment at the April 26 town meeting referendum vote.

After voters approved purchasing and financing the truck, selectpersons approved a four-year lease/purchase agreement with Androscoggin Bank. Installments of $101,111 are due annually on July 7. At the end of the agreement the town can buy the truck for $1.


“If you wouldn’t have bought that truck when you did, that truck would be $120,000 more today,” Castonguay said. “It has gone up twice since then. Construction is due to start in April. The estimated delivery date is in July so we will probably take a week to train with it before we put it on duty.”

One thing was added on the truck, a step on the back for safety that will cost about $1,200 more, Castonguay said. “That is something we can take right out of our budget,” he noted.

Assistant Fire Chief Andrew Berry and Selectperson/Firefighter Scott Richmond will fly to Florida to make a final check when the truck is near completion, Castonguay said.

After it is delivered to Auburn the ladders and suction hoses will be put on, Richmond noted. Supply chain issues could slow delivery, he said.

Training on the new truck is part of the purchase price, Castonguay stated. When asked, he noted service can be done in Auburn, that was one of the reasons that company was chosen and mobile service is also available if needed. With the other company the nearest service was in Brunswick, he added.

A new radio for the new truck has been ordered, is six months out, Richmond said.


A truck radio, it has headsets and is Blue Tooth compatible, Castonguay noted.

Portable radios don’t work very well, no matter where firefighters are the new radio should work, Richmond stated.

Engine 1 and 2 have been pump tested, a few issues with Engine 1 were fixed, Castonguay noted. “We need to limp that thing until July, because that’s when our new truck comes in,” he added.

Hose and ladder tests have been done, with four lengths of 4-inch hose lost to use, Castonguay said. “I think it’s the first 4-inch hose we ever bought,” he noted. “That was years ago.”

There are a few minor things with the four by four vehicle that aren’t affecting its running, and Castonguay will try to get a sticker on it. He said he really doesn’t want to spend any money on it at this time.

Selectpersons agreed with Castonguay’s request to put a 6,000 watt generator that had been on Engine 1 out to bid. It is hardly ever used, was taken out because the space was needed, he said. Castonguay wants to replace it with a little Honda suitcase generator. Notices will be placed on the town’s website, Facebook page and elsewhere.

Castonguay said he had gone over the call list Monday evening. “We were up to 130 calls for service as of yesterday,” he noted. “Calls are up, most of them are mutual aid.” There were 30 calls each for medical and car accident calls, he stated. “Route 4 takes up a lot of our time.”

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