I am deeply disturbed that a petition for recall of two SAD 17 School board members, both from Paris, is being made.

I do not believe people were given correct information when encouraged to sign the recall petition. These Paris members are two of 12 school board members who approved the first reading of the gender equity policy. They have worked exceptionally hard to support our school system and our children, and should not be recalled for doing their job of responding to requests from the administration, guidance counselors, parents and kids to develop a policy.

The policy committee is slowing down the process and working on the policy to make it better, based on community input.

Our children are watching what is happening in the world, and right here. I hope and pray we will all choose to parse out fact from fiction, honor the process of a policy being developed for years, honestly listen to people who are being most affected by discrimination, and protect our community against the disrespect, prejudice and bullying that is happening around this issue by clearly standing up for honoring diversity and providing safety to those who are being discriminated against.

The community input at the recent forum was an example of why we need this policy. The level of disrespect shown to our LGBTQ+ community was painful.

Katey Branch, South Paris

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