I met Julia Lester during her campaign for a seat representing Paris on the Maine School Administrative District 17 board.

She immediately demonstrated her ability and delight in listening and learning from others’ experiences. Her passion for creating the best possible learning environment for each and every student is grounded in her research, studies and experience.

While I was voting at the Paris polls on Nov. 8, I encountered a person gathering signatures on a petition to recall Sarah Otterson and Julia Lester. He was asserting that his “ultimate authority” over his children was being usurped by these two school board members.

Seven hundred Paris voters signed the petition. Now Julia Lester and Sarah Otterson are facing a recall election on Jan. 6.

The fact that these two school board members, who are diligently and responsibly doing their job, have been singled out and targeted gives me great concern for them, for our children and for our community.

These two board members are only a part of the school board which was tasked with creating a gender identity policy. What does it accomplish to recall them? Why not spend our time, money and attention on creating an environment where our children feel safe and our parents feel heard, and we can work together for the benefit of our children and our community?

Julia Lester and Sarah Otterson deserve our gratitude and support for their hard work and integrity in doing their job: serving our children.

Kerry Read, South Paris

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