DEAR SUN SPOTS: Some years ago you printed my request in your column regarding donating boxes of sheet music that my deceased wife had collected over the many years of teaching piano lessons to local kids. I remember eight of these boxes went to the Auburn School Department for their musical instruction.

One heavy box remained in my condo as no one seemed to be interested in the sophisticated sheet music that my wife had brought back from New York City when we moved back to Auburn.

Have you ever heard of recorders as musical instruments? No, not that kind – these are wooden flutes, etc. A lady called me, having seen your column and said that her daughter had seen my letter and had asked her mother to call me to see if the sheet music was still available. The daughter lived in North Carolina and wanted it so her father came over to pick up this final box. He said he would take it to his daughter the next time they went to visit. So you see, your fame has spread nationally. Congratulations!

Did I hear correctly that the paper is moving from Park Street? I remember years ago when there was a big sheet of the latest news on the windows. — Roger, Auburn

ANSWER: These letters reminiscing about how Sun Spots has helped in the past and what the column has meant to them over the years are still coming in after the B section front in Sunday’s edition.

Sun Journal personnel just vacated the building at Park and Pine where they were housed for nearly 125 years. They have moved to the second floor of the former Argo/McCrory’s building 64 Lisbon St. just a couple of blocks further downtown. The new offices will not be open to walk-ins until Dec. 12, publisher Jody Jalbert advised.


Time marches on and we’re rolling with the changes as we keep our memories of 104 Park St. with us. I was just thinking today about the first time I entered that building, full of hope, back in 1996 when I dropped off a manila envelope of writing samples. A few weeks later I received THE call from editor Mark Mogensen.

The Sun Journal has been good to us and we all have our stories to tell. Did you happen to catch Mark Laflamme’s “Street Talk” on Nov. 23?

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The inspirational letters in your column warm my heart and instill in me to do something likewise.

I learn so much from the letters that ask questions and I love the special recipes.

Thank you, Ms. Sun Spots, for your informative column and for brightening my day first thing in the morning! — Joan, no town

ANSWER: You are most welcome!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: For the last several years the Sun Journal has emailed a list of independent Maine crafters in November or December so subscribers can  purchase Christmas gifts from artisans. Would this list still be available? I would love to support Maine people. — Louise, no town

ANSWER: We put our heads together to answer your question, but we don’t have a record of emailing a Maine crafters list. Could it possibly have been sent to you from another organization? Readers, if you can help find the answer, chime in.

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