Theresa Labrecque of Gorham started volunteering with the Press Herald Toy Fund last year, but her connection to the charity dates back decades.

More than 30 years ago, her parents, Harry and Lois Carlin of Windham, started giving $120 to the toy fund each year in place of Christmas gifts for their 12 grown children. Their donation arrived each year with a note that it was from “the 12 Cs.”

Lois Carlin died in 2012, but her husband continued the annual gifts. A Korean War veteran and farmer who referred to his children as his best crop, Harry Carlin died in November 2021 at age 87. He asked that his estate be distributed to the charitable organizations he supported.

The “12 Cs” honored his request by donating $20,000 to the toy fund. They also pledged to continue making their own donations each year for the next 20 years.

Labrecque feels volunteering with the toy fund honors her father’s longtime support. Several of her siblings also are regular volunteers.

“I’m amazed at the volume and the process and how many people it takes to pull this together,” she said.


Theresa Labrecque Gillian Graham/Staff Writer

As she sorts and packs toys, Labrecque thinks about the families who will receive the gifts at a time when they’re struggling.

“I feel like I’m doing a little part to give them a little joy,” she said. “I’m happy to contribute any way I can.”


Suko Kidman $200
Maryellen Kennedy and Barry Gleason $100
Anonymous $500
In memory of George & Victoria Munson, from the Munson Family $50
In memory of Stanley & Violet Oliver $50
In honor of the Maine Millennial. Thanks for your column. $25
Holly & Thomas Monaghan $100
Anonymous $200
Anonymous $200
Ann C Fisher $20
Sons of AMVETS Post 2 Yarmouth $100
Merry Christmas! from the Cilley family $50
In loving memory of Catherine Chase and Debra and Richard O’Brion $620
In memory of loved ones at Christmas, from Paul & Mary $200
Terry & Kathleen $50
Nancy Bogg – Mark Kiefner $100
In memory of Doris Cook and in honor of the hard working volunteers this season, from Kathy Streveler $100
For the kids, who are our future. $50
In memory of Jane & Frank Nanos, Cheryl Nanos & Paul “Uncle Dearest” Nanos. Merry Christmas! Becky & Madison $100
We miss you, Sister. From Kathaleen M Baker $20
In memory of Harry Burnham of Limerick, who always enjoyed life and Christmas! From Ted Baltas $50
In memory of Rita Baltas of Limerick, who truly enjoyed Christmas! God bless! Ted Baltas $50
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $150
Merry Christmas to the children! From Harry & Jane $50
In honor of Berkeley, Ben, Campbell, Abbie, and Garrett $30
Merry Christmas! John M McKeon $50
In memory of our mother, Helga, Who will be missed this first Christmas by her family & friends. She gave generously and supported those in need. Merry Christmas to all, Scott Dakers $100
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $500
In loving memory of my father, David A Wheatland, from Becky $100
Michael & Kristin Brigham $200
Anonymous $300
In loving memory of Burt & Faith Bailey, frequent donors to the Bruce Roberts Toy Fund, from Sheryl  Bailey Waddick $20
In loving memory of Charlotte & John LaCrosse $100
In loving memory of Sistie, J, Meg, Dot, and Andy $100
In memory of Peter Wymes $150
In honor of my sister, Gina Norton $50
In honor of Bus #31 driver Sue, Merry Christmas! from Amelia Odlin $25
In honor of Bus #34 driver Bill, Merry Christmas! from Liam Odlin $25
In memory of George E Johnson, Charles F Pooler, and Gertrude M Pooler, from Glen & Karen Pooler $30
Bruce & Tammy Rowe $50
A little kindness can go a long way, from Kevin Parker $50
Anonymous $75
Anonymous $100
A Thank you To Morse St School Special Education Department! $50
Margaret Cekuta $50
In loving memory of John, Alice, and Helen Flaherty, from Alicia $30
Anonymous $30
Anonymous $50
Anonymous $75

TOTAL TO DATE: $153,585.49


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