FARMINGTON —  The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office will add two new 2023 hybrid cruisers to its fleet, purchased from a Bangor dealership, commissioners agreed Tuesday.

It had been planned in February 2022 that five new hybrid cruisers would be purchased using some of the county’s American Rescue Plan Act funds. However, the deal fell through in September.

The amount county commissioners approved the sheriff to use for the vehicles and to equip each with blue lights, push bars and safety cages, among other necessities, was about $204,869. It would have broken down to $155,000 for the cruisers, which would run half on gas and half on electricity, and $49,000 to outfit them.

Commissioners on Tuesday approved the purchase of two 2023 Ford Interceptor utility all wheel drive base vehicles from Darling’s Bangor Ford, costing $49,926 each, Chief Deputy Steven Lowell said.

The cruisers each come with a road-ready package, including police lights, and a full tank of fuel. The price includes delivery to Farmington.

It turned out the Ford Interceptors increased in price and the money previously approved would allow just four to be purchased. The cruisers are the third and fourth to be bought with federal money. The county was allotted $5.86 million.


In other business, it was determined by a flip of a coin that Commissioner Terry Brann of Wilton would remain chairman.  Commissioner Lance Harvell of Farmington said he did not want to be chairman. Commissioner Bob Carlton of Freeman Township asked Brann if he would like a break from being chairman. Brann said it was his fourth time in the position.

Harvell had previously made a motion to nominate Brann to the position. They used a coin to settle the matter, and Brann won the toss, followed by a 2-0 vote with Brann abstaining and Harvell and Carlton voting in favor.

The county received four bids from banks to handle the unorganized territory banking. Androscoggin, Bangor, Franklin and Skowhegan banks submitted proposals.

Commissioners opted to have county Administrator Amy Bernard review the sealed bids to determine the best option. Treasurer Pam Prodan will also take part in the review.

In another matter, Susan Pratt, the county’s ARPA program administrator, said she has received four new proposals requesting funds.

It was determined that commissioners will hear those proposals in March.

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