As of this letter I am no longer going to participate in the voting process. After what is unfolding for speaker of the House, it seems legislators care more for chairs they may be assigned to than the people they represent.

Instead of hitting the ground running and getting rid of those Internal Revenue Service agents and energy crisis that is brewing, they choose to let 20 representatives take the process hostage. It’s pretty bad when Nancy Pelosi makes more sense than my party is right now.

So, I feel the political process is broken and my party is no different than the other. They are all looking out for themselves and the heck with the people they are there for.

A pox on all of the ungrateful bunch of lawyers and lobbyists who are running this country to the ground. President John Adams was absolutely right — the two-party system will never work.

I know I will get all kinds of rebuttals for this, but I just don’t care any longer.

Well, that’s about it. Keep spending our hard-earned money for other countries; this one is doomed anyway.

Clem Bechard, Lewiston

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