RUMFORD — When it comes to the Marden’s store on Route 2, you definitely should have bought it when you saw it.

Marden’s officials announced Wednesday night that the store is closing for good due to unspecified safety reasons at the facility. The closure was effective immediately, meaning that come Thursday, Marden’s in Rumford will not be doing business in that location.

“This was an extremely difficult decision, however, the safety of our employees and customers is our number one concern,” according to a Facebook post that was signed only ‘The Marden Family.’ “In our nearly 60 years, we have never closed a store. While 2022 was a very successful year company-wide, our hands were tied by the landlord’s inaction to deal with ongoing, major safety concerns. We would welcome the opportunity to return to the Rumford area in the future if a suitable retail location can be found.”

The note implied an ongoing issue with the landlord of the 80,000 square foot building where Marden’s has been housed for years. In real estate records, the building is valued at more than $2 million dollars, although the name of the owner is not listed.

Marden’s officials announced Wednesday night that the store is closing for good due to unspecified safety reasons. WGME photo

The Facebook message posted at about 7 p.m. Wednesday reported that store officials made the decision to close only after “exhausting all efforts to resolve ongoing serious facility safety issues with the landlord.”

The message also noted that all impacted employees have been offered the option to transfer to other Marden’s locations. Employees who do not wish to transfer will be provided a separation package based on their years of service, according to the notice.


The sudden closure also leaves the question of what becomes of items that shoppers wish to return to the store. That matter, too, is addressed in the announcement.

“Full returns on items purchased at the Rumford store will be honored at any other Marden’s location for 60 days — with receipt,” according to the post. “If you are unable to travel to other locations, please contact us by email at [email protected]

On Facebook, reaction to the news was immediate. Some customers only expressed regret at the closure while others used the opportunity to try to lure the retail giant to their own towns. A few even offered suggestions on how to make it work.

“Please move to Farmington,” wrote one woman. “The old grocery store across from Walmart is empty, big parking lot, You and Walmart could share tons of customers. Great idea. I’m praying on this.”

“The old Save-a-Lot store location in Farmington would a great place for Marden’s,” offered another.

There was also ire for the unnamed landlord in the message thread.


“Shame on that landlord!” a local woman wrote. “All those families negatively impacted — and in the dead of winter no less.”

Most simply commented that the closure was “sad,” “disheartening” and “disappointing.”

“That’s awful and sad for Rumford,” one woman opined.

Within an hour, the announcement had been shared nearly 300 times and 70 people had weighed in with thoughts and opinions.

Marden’s is a family-owned chain of 14 retail stores located throughout the state of Maine. It was founded in 1964 and over the years has become a popular Maine landmark and a beloved source for deals. Store operators purchase overstocks, closeouts, insurance losses, liquidations, salvage deals, discontinued items and other deals across the country and then sells the goods at discounted prices.

Marden’s store officials did not immediately respond to the Sun Journal’s requests for further information.

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