DEAR SUN SPOTS: We would like to publicly thank the wonderful man who rescued our cat earlier this week. When we realized that she was missing, we scoured the neighborhood until finally realizing she was trapped about 50 feet up in a pine tree in our yard. We are certain she was treed by a dog we had seen wandering around. By this time, it was dark and about 20 degrees outside. The tree was inaccessible to a firetruck, and we frantically called everyone we could think of who might be able to climb the tree.

Finally, our son located a man he had worked with years ago who said he would give it a try, even though he hadn’t done tree work in 10 years. This amazing gentleman, who wishes to remain anonymous, drove 35 minutes to our home, suited up into his gear, hitched a bag to his belt, and spiked his way up the tree.

Of course, our terrified cat scrambled further up. He finally reached her and had to battle her into the bag. He slowly made his way down and delivered our frightened kitty to us.

We are sure his body ached the next day and we know he sustained some deep scratches. He literally risked his life to rescue a cat belonging to people he didn’t know on a cold winter night. He refused payment and asked us to make an appropriate donation to a favorite charity. We are still in awe of this gentleman and are beyond grateful for what he did for us that night. Our cat was quite terrorized by the whole incident, but now a few days later, she’s back to normal. In gratitude — Susan and Woody, Auburn

ANSWER: I am in awe of this gentleman, too! What a story, and you wrote it so well. I was able to clearly picture the whole dramatic event. It’s difficult to fathom the empathy and bravery of the hero in this tale. I’m so glad that he was able to come to your aid and that he and your kitty made it through the ordeal safely. I’m sure you’ll be telling this story for the rest of your lives. I do hope kitty is as thankful as you are!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding the junk yard on Route 9 in Lisbon Falls, (Jan. 11 Sun Spots) the area is zoned for that. However, the owner is in violation of the zoning laws. The town is aware of the situation and is dealing with it. – No name, Lisbon Falls


ANSWER: I want to remind all Sun Spotters that it is always OK to call your municipality to get answers to questions such as this. They are there to assist you!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Is Harmon’s Lunch in Falmouth open year-round? I have a doctor’s appointment near there soon and would love to stop in. — Ken, no town

ANSWER: Yes! Located at 44 Gray Road, this old-school hamburger stand, with the best French fries, is open Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Last I knew it was operating with window service only and you can call ahead for your order at 797-9857.

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