We should be thankful that Carl Sheline ran to be our mayor.

He has been known to be a mayor for all the people of Lewiston. He is out and about talking to people rich, poor, homeless, professionals, young and old, or just a person on the street. He listens to their views and opinions on how we can make Lewiston, the second largest city in Maine, better for all of its citizens.

Mayor Sheline is everywhere. He is like the Energizer Bunny. He attends events for seniors, sporting events to cheer on our young people, and shows support by eating at local restaurants and stopping by local businesses.

He is thankful for city staff and speaks well of their hard work. He energizes people to get involved in our community.

Some city councilors wanted to silence the mayor at the last council meeting. He would not be allowed to make comments or give his point of view. If they silence the mayor, they are silencing all Lewiston residents.

The people of Lewiston cannot allow this to happen.

Diane Grandmaison, Lewiston

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