The constant human destruction of this planet is just amazing.

Few countries are serious about climate problems. We are racing Russia and China to mine metals on the moon. We have thousands of jet planes flying people daily for frivolous reasons. Space tourism is about to get under way.

On the Jan. 1 edition of “60 Minutes,” one of the segments concerned Earth’s extinctions and sustainability. Scientists stated that there had been five extinctions, all natural, and that we are way into the sixth, strictly human created.

Long ago they calculated the sustainability of this planet, given the rate of consumption and population growth, would peak in 1972. It did, and we are way into the sixth extinction.

They say it’s already too late to turn around, and there are only a few centuries left.

Being a painter of wildlife I am fed up with seeing the needless loss of habitat and wildlife. I’m tired of seeing mega homes appearing with long views cut, only to be weekend homes.


Now there is going to be a massive butchering of habitat on the west side of Sugarloaf Mountain, just to enrich a few people.


What good is the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, when it approves this disaster?

Dwight Mills, Greenwood

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